Training guide and methodology

In this training, the student will learn about the basis of the Embryological Hierarchy of Superficial Neuromodulation® using Magnetic Tape®.

At the end of the training the student will be able to discern and act if the dysfunction has an ectodermal, mesodermal or endodermal origin.

If the dysfunction is local (mesodermal), the treatment will be where it hurts and if the dysfunction is peripheral (ectodermal or endodermal), the student will be trained to discern the correct and necessary locations for the application of Magnetic Tape® taking into account the Referred Pains, the Peripheral Nervous System, the Trigeminal Nerve, the Lymphatic System and the different Postural Captors.

Each lesson has different topics with videos and voice-over presentations for the better understanding of the student.

The course has to be done in a linear way, so the lessons cannot be done randomly, but must be followed in order from the beginning, so in order to do lesson three it is necessary to have done lesson one and then lesson two.

At the end of some lessons there are test-type questionnaires that must be passed in order to be able to start the next lesson.

The minimum mark for each quiz is 80%, so you will have to get at least 80% correct in order to move on to the next activity. There are infinite attempts and no time limit to complete them.

The criteria for passing the course are:

100% of the lessons must be completed.
80% of the quizzes must be passed.

On successful completion of the course, a brief survey will be carried out on the training and the student will then be able to download the Diploma accrediting successful completion of the course.

This training is aimed at: Health professionals who individualise or want to individualise treatments for each patient and in each session. In addition, they want to think about how to give more value and improve their treatments using tools whose application is based on science.

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