Presentation of the Superficial Neuromodulation® online training


Welcome to the Neuromodulation Superficial® (NMS®) Online training.

Most musculoskeletal injuries are caused by neuromuscular inefficiency. This leads to a lack of joint stability due to a loss or lack of activation of motor units or altered activation patterns leading to dysfunction. These altered patterns are referred to as “aberrant myotatic reflexes”.

Neuromuscular inefficiency means that movements are not performed with the correct or desired timing, as activation does not occur at the right moment or in the right position. This leads to compensations, overloads, contractures,… in short, injuries.

The correct application of Magnetic Tape® using the Embryological Hierarchy of Superficial Neuromodulation® will help to eliminate aberrant myotatic reflexes, improving joint stability and neuromuscular efficiency, modulating the nervous stimulus immediately.

Magnetic Tape® is an elastic adhesive bandage that incorporates disorganised metallic particles with magnetic properties. Therefore, Magnetic Tape® alone cannot create electromagnetic fields, but when it comes into contact with the aberrant electromagnetic fields generated by living beings, where waste substances normally accumulate, the magnetic domains of the metal particles of Magnetic Tape® organise themselves into alignment and help to produce movement in the physiological electrolyte, regulating and modulating the nervous stimulus and therefore the metameric and central information.

The fields that Magnetic Tape® helps to generate are of very low intensities, never higher than those generated by the living being itself. It does not act or stimulate the cutaneous nerves directly, so it does not act directly on nerves or deeper structures. Its effect is produced on epidermal structures and it is these that influence the nerves.

In order to place Magnetic Tape® in the correct locations and in an effective way, it is necessary to use the Assessment and Treatment System offered by Neuromodulation Superficial® (NMS®).

It is hard to believe that a bandage can achieve all this, but it can. Even so, other very interesting avenues of research are open and we believe that it can be a paradigm shift in the way we work (it already has been in ours) always taking into account embryology, anatomy, physiology and science.

We hope you enjoy the training!